Say hello to Eclipses Reseller Packages.

Starting IPTV Business Could not be easier with our reseller plans you are ready to go and in good hands to help you establish your IPTV reseller business.

We are looking for resellers to sell our service around the world. Whether you're looking for a start up business, you're involved in providing UK TV already as a provider and looking for an alternative product to offer your customers, you're a VPN provider looking for something to fill the void as a result of the declining VPN market, or you're an existing IPTV provider looking to improve your service, we are the company for you.

No Branding

Eclipse offers you a totally whitelabel service so your customers will never know you sell for us!

Customer Management

All you have to do is premote and sell. We provide you with a admin panel where you can manage your customers accounts.

We Supply everything you need to grow your buisness and we take great pride in our 24/7 support to resolve any problems you might incounter.

Our Price Plans

Price List

We believe our prices are unbeatable. You wont find another service better then ours for the same price!

Starting @

Starting @

Starting @

What Our Resellers Say?

"Absolute top IPTV service, if it ever goes down it gets back up again... in minimal time with fantastic communcation from the admin team to let us know of forthcoming problems and events Clients really happy"

Eclipse's Discord Group

"Quality service. Reliable and diverse with great support and communication from the team. The result is happy customers so it sells itself. My phone has never been this quiet from customer issues... bliss."

Eclipse's Discord Group

"Been with these guys for a while now. The service and support is top notch. Can’t fault the time and effort that’s put in by the admin team. Brilliant thank you and keep up the good work Eclipse."

Eclipse's Discord Group

Got a Question, No Problem!

One of our friendly staff members can answer any questions you may have.